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Toy Story 3 Aristotle Essay

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 has won over 43 awards. Some of the awards include best music, best animation, top 10, best movie of 2010 and many best film overall. Toy Story 3 has won these awards very justly and has stayed true to Aristotle’s six elements through plot, character, thought, diction, song, and spectacle.
Plot is Aristotle’s first and most important element in a tragedy and Toys Story stays true to that. Plot is an extremely important part in this movie because it takes the story along on an amazing adventure full of twists and turns. With the plot, the story has many climaxes and tragedy’s which get solved and keep you on your feet.
Toy Story 3 starts out as Andy is getting ready to move to college. The first climax happens at the beginning as well. He puts his toys into a trash bag for the attic and puts Woody into his college box, but the trash bag mistakenly gets sent to the curb to be thrown away. The climax is resolved when the toys escape and jump into the donation box instead. When they get to the daycare, Woody ties to escape, but he gets picked up by a little girl instead. The second climax is when Lotso the Bear sends the toys into the rough playing room where the toys get ruined. Buzz tries to resolve this climax, but starts other one when he gets “killed” by Lotso. The new Buzz is on the evil side now. Woody finds out that Lotso is evil and finally resolves the climax when he comes to save the toys. During the escape, Lotso finds the toys and takes them down into the trash with him. When they are dumped into the trash yard, a climax starts up again. Bull dozers sweep the toys into a garbage dump headed for the fire. When we think Lotso is about to resolve the conflict when he reaches the “Shut Off” button for the trash, but Lotso runs away instead and lets the toys fall into their doom. The toys see that it is no use to struggle and that the end is near. They come together, holding hands, and wait for the fire to consume them. Just when you think it is over, the conflict is resolved by “The Claw” who picks them up from the pile and sets them on the safe ground. The toys make it to Andy’s room and get donated to the nice little girl Woody was just with.
            Character is Aristotle’s and Toy Story 3 second most important element. Character is a very important part of the structure of the film because it helps the conflicts and resolutions start up.
There are many different characters in the film and some of them are more important than others. The Toys judge too quickly and because of that, they get sent to the day care where they become trapped. Woody is a very loyal character who comes to the rescue to save his friends and take them back where they belong. Lotso is an evil character who traps the toys and wants all the toys to suffer just because he had suffered.
Thought is the third most important element for Toy Story 3 and Aristotle. Thought is important because it is what makes us feel for the characters and want the characters to resolve their conflicts.
The audience feels pity for Woody when no one believes that Andy was putting the toys in the attic and when he gets taken to a little girl’s home instead of finding his way to Andy. The audience feels bad when the toys were sent to the rougher kids who throw, hit and destroy the toys when the other room on the other side shows that the children play with the toys nicely. The audience feels bad for Lotso as well when the back story is told about Lotso getting replaced. The audience then hates Lotso for leaving the toys to die instead of saving them. The audience feels pity and sadness when the toys hold hands, ready to face their death. The audience rejoices when “The Claw” reaches down to save the toys. The audience is happy at the movies ending when the toys are all together again, safe with the nice girl.
Diction is the fourth most important element for Toy Story 3 and Aristotle. Diction is important to the movie because it helps clarify what characters think of what is happening and what they think.
Through diction, we find out what characters think about Lotso. A clown toy said, “He seems plush and huggable on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a monster.” We find out that Andy loves his toys when he says, “You have to promise to take care of them. They mean a lot to me.” We find out what Andy feels about Woody when he says, o           “The thing that makes him special is that he will be there for you. Forever. No matter what.” Diction helps us get into the minds of other characters to help us understand their feelings towards things.
Song is Aristotle’s and Toy Story 3 fifth most important element. Song important because it helps you get into the mood of what is happening. It also helps you find out what is happening.
We find out that Barbie and Ken love each other because love music starts playing when they meet. When the toys accidentally turn Buzz into a Spanish Buzz, Spanish music plays whenever he talks or when the focus is on him.
Lastly and the least important, Spectacle is Aristotle’s and Toy Story 3 sixth element. Spectacle is important to the movie because it helps draw us into the movie and their world.
An imaginary story plays at the beginning of the movie to catch the audience’s attention. Spectacle is also shown in Andy’s room. His room no longer has drawn pictures of his toys or bright objects and toys, but has sports posters instead and no toys. This shows that he has moved on from his young childhood and now he is ready to go to college. Spectacle is also shown in the brightly colored daycare. The decorations and color tricks the toys when they find out that the children are rough and Lotso is evil.
Toy Story 3 uses every element Aristotle has come up with, and has stayed true to their order. Plot is seen with the climaxes used. Character is used with each of the toys. Thought is seen with the climaxes and resolutions as well. Diction is used with the great quotes that were spoken. Song was used throughout the movie to show feeling. And spectacle was used in Andy’s room and the daycare. Each one of these elements makes Toy Story 3 one of the greatest movies of all time.

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